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Before Skinwalker Ranch was the Secret Mystery

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Anmeldungsdatum: 09.01.2022
Beiträge: 651
Wohnort: Made in Cosmos

BeitragVerfasst am: 26.08.2022, 00:55    Titel: Before Skinwalker Ranch was the Secret Mystery Antworten mit Zitat
of Mount Wilson Ranch

Skinwalker Ranch is full of Secrets and one of its biggest ones is the Mystery of Mount Wilson Ranch. Before Bigelow owned and researched Skinwalker Ranch Jacques Valle, Hal Puthoff, Eric Davis, and the original NIDS team were doing light and frequency experiments to contact UFOs at Mount Wilson!


Spanning over a hundred acres strangely close to Area-51 and “the sites” the Mount Wilson Ranch is loaded with mystery.
UFO sightings are frequent. The ghost of a Shaman appears to people in the night. Jacques Valle and a team of researches even conducted light and sound experiments in the canyons looking for alien contact, possibly a hidden base.
Multiple abandoned mines are scattered and hidden along the mountains, with stories of caves full of Aztec gold.
The stories of portals in the mountains are common here.
I have spent the last 48 hours at the Ranch and the first of several videos is uploading this evening. It was a mind blowing experience to visit the ranch and now it is becoming one of my primary locations to investigate.
The research at Mount Wilson Ranch is just getting started.


A Mysterious Knights Templar Masonic ritual sword has been found at an Abandoned Skinwalker and UFO Research site called Mount Wilson Ranch.



Overnight Paranormal Investigation at Mount Wilson Skinwalker Ranch

Staying overnight to paranormal investigate the Mystery at Mount Wilson Ranch - a UFO hot spot and center of research BEFORE Skinwalker Ranch owned by Bob Bigelow himself. With stories of the ghost of a Shaman and shadow figures, the research is just beginning.


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